other San Joaquin valley murders/ rapes


soxie: Pendleton,I have several reasons.Do you think he was older or younger also? Feb 13, 2015 5:37:50 GMT
magnumforce73: "If you don't believe what I'm singing: at three in the morning, Babe, well I'm singing my song for you." ;) Feb 13, 2015 12:52:40 GMT
pendleton: I'd guess his age to be mid to late 20s but with a younger mental age. Feb 13, 2015 13:13:50 GMT
pendleton: That is, 25-27 in 1979. Feb 13, 2015 13:23:32 GMT
soxie: Pendleton,that seems to be the norm,of what most everyone is thinking.what if we were to think outside the box. What IF he was only 18-20 years old around "79"? Possible or not? Feb 13, 2015 14:45:55 GMT
tongue: any other serial rapists that turned into serial killers like ONS? Feb 14, 2015 2:28:43 GMT
pendleton: Paul Bernardo and Pablo Vargas come to mind. Feb 14, 2015 14:21:49 GMT
murdoc: Altemio Sanchez. Feb 16, 2015 20:22:57 GMT
v: There is so=peculation thay JW. Gacy started out as a rapst of young men befer he turned to murder; Feb 18, 2015 11:11:48 GMT
gobrewers: You copy/paste a tweet V? Feb 19, 2015 4:27:04 GMT
tongue: how did dogs tell that ONS was a heavy drug user?how is this possible?what scent would a heavy drug user give off?i dont believe ONS used drugs regularly.. Feb 19, 2015 4:53:58 GMT
pendleton: They can smell it in the enzymes of the person. Feb 19, 2015 16:52:27 GMT
tongue: highway are you looking at a specific case?u could go by MO .. Feb 20, 2015 1:27:51 GMT
murdoc: I'm sure most start out with sexual assaults and rape. Particularly when looking at someone like Danny Rolling. Feb 20, 2015 19:08:43 GMT
murdoc: Or Altemio Feb 20, 2015 19:08:54 GMT
murdoc: Especially Gacy. I believe he almost went to court over an instance like this, though I could be wrong Feb 20, 2015 19:09:36 GMT
tongue: i guess the real question is why did ONS start killing, was it a gradual escalation from rape to murder to fulfill his fantasies or was it more to do with eliminating possible witnesses? Feb 21, 2015 18:13:06 GMT
tiki: Saw the movie " McFarland USA " in Visalia last night, great movie. McFarland is located about 40 min. south of Visalia on Hwy 99 . By the way Kevin Costner was a student at Mt. Whitney H.S. in the early 1970's. Feb 21, 2015 20:23:23 GMT
tongue: guy fighting in the ufc is from visalia, CA..i wonder if he is related to the ransacker or has even heard of him? Feb 22, 2015 23:07:56 GMT
tongue: would you know a serial killer if you lived next door to one? Feb 25, 2015 20:39:29 GMT