Stephen Peter Morin


tongue: did DB Cooper survive the jump? Oct 17, 2014 3:41:44 GMT
murdoc: Someone please tell me the ONS got caught and it wasn't just a dream -_- Oct 17, 2014 9:41:40 GMT
Roach: Don't worry gb, I had to use Google to find the Scarface song. Oct 17, 2014 11:59:25 GMT
tongue: murdoc-GSK will never be caught... Oct 17, 2014 18:35:40 GMT
murdoc: I know. It was just a dream -_- Oct 17, 2014 20:32:30 GMT
murdoc: How do you tell someone they're getting evicted? Oct 17, 2014 22:02:31 GMT
murdoc: Smart-ass answers welcome, I'm at a complete loss here Oct 17, 2014 22:13:34 GMT
sacfisherking: You don't have to go home but you can't stay here... Oct 17, 2014 23:55:41 GMT
sacfisherking: It's not you it's me... Oct 17, 2014 23:56:00 GMT
sacfisherking: It's been real and it's been fun but it ain't been real fun... Oct 17, 2014 23:56:46 GMT
murdoc: My doofus brother said have some friends over, then make the following announcement: "Hey, raise your hands if you have a home?" *Everyone raises hands* "Not so fast buddy..." Oct 18, 2014 1:11:54 GMT
sacfisherking: lol! Oct 18, 2014 4:43:39 GMT
tongue: its quite creepy how fast a man on a 10-speed can move through the neighborhood Oct 19, 2014 0:38:30 GMT
murdoc: Just today I saw a guy on a moped hopping from the street to the sidewalk. Oct 19, 2014 6:08:50 GMT
murdoc: Oh, and for those curious... I told my friend he was evicted the "Lets Get Drunk And Talk About It Method". Needless to say, I wish I'd gone with the "Friends There And Hands Up Method". Oct 19, 2014 7:20:02 GMT
tongue: u guys should check out Town That dreaded Sundown remake, it has a few EAR moments in the right hands, an EAR movie would be amazing.. Oct 19, 2014 22:21:52 GMT
sacfisherking: Did it go to blows murdoc? Oct 20, 2014 17:43:33 GMT
sacfisherking: If not than it worked out well. Oct 20, 2014 17:43:49 GMT
murdoc: Came close but we separated and calmed down, so it worked out. We were ready to rock n roll for a minute there though, so it could've been worse. Oct 21, 2014 17:15:06 GMT
pendleton: My cousin, who is like a brother to me, lives in a house with a basement apartment. The things we've had to deal with... I know your pain Murdoc. Oct 21, 2014 20:29:57 GMT