Stephen Peter Morin


murdoc: hanging in there.. things getting scrappy -_- Aug 10, 2015 4:39:15 GMT
murdoc: using my earons knowledge to catch my neighborhood's current prowler Aug 19, 2015 17:06:18 GMT
bob: You go Murdoc! Aug 19, 2015 20:05:22 GMT
murdoc: and just like that, I'm pretty sure I know where the dumbass ran too. now for evidence. ideas? Aug 20, 2015 14:48:25 GMT
murdoc: Yes. I go through all of the threads when I can :P Aug 24, 2015 6:23:57 GMT
murdoc: asked the harder questions last night. hope that's okay -_- Aug 24, 2015 17:24:43 GMT
murdoc: wow... Aug 25, 2015 5:51:36 GMT
justfordavid: Hello, I am new here and I know David tried very hard to find his first wifes killer, I was asked to comment on my knowledge from an a&e reporter but chose not to. I lived in the house for several years. I don't know if I can help but will try for David. Aug 27, 2015 23:13:33 GMT
Drifter: Greetings justfordavid ... Thanks for posting your message. Feel free to introduce yourself in the "Hello, my name is" thread in the Welcome folder. Also, we have threads on the Witthuhn case, especially in the "Confirmed and Possible Victims" folder. Aug 27, 2015 23:39:39 GMT *
murdoc: you're very brave man. much love and much respect Aug 28, 2015 7:15:59 GMT
justfordavid: ludolf, sorry still learning board. Fence was a standard 6' was built by the builder. Nothing was planted in yard at time. TV was a attempt to make it look like burglary. Aug 28, 2015 18:36:55 GMT
ludolf: Agree with you about the staged burglary. Only mentioned it because of something Jack Gray had said in his book. Aug 29, 2015 4:15:25 GMT
mosswilliams: Hi justfordavid: It amazes me how David was a suspect for such a long time. The man was in a hospital bed at the time of the crime but the police with not a shred of evidence thought he must have hired a hitman. Sad. Aug 29, 2015 19:37:20 GMT
murdoc: never heard that angle against david. interesting avenue to pursue Aug 30, 2015 7:24:27 GMT
murdoc: something no one has ever asked Aug 30, 2015 7:25:15 GMT
murdoc: I leave it to you to create a thread and ask the community Aug 30, 2015 7:25:35 GMT
justfordavid: Actually, David told me in early LE interviews with him, It was insinuated that he may have hired a hit. That may be where the info came from. Aug 30, 2015 21:02:16 GMT
murdoc: not saying he did, by far. just an interesting thought Aug 30, 2015 21:40:03 GMT
private citizen: My understanding is that one of the avenues LE pursued was that someone close to Manuela arranged for her to be murdered. They thought it was an inside job staged to look like something else. Aug 30, 2015 21:50:06 GMT
justfordavid: This is why so much time was lost and the crime scene not protected in the early stages. David was so mad they refused to listen to him. Well now with DNA we know that it wasn't a hit. It was on the front page of the oc register when they CLEARED him. Aug 30, 2015 22:18:01 GMT