Stephen Peter Morin


f1guyus: I'm crazy but I'm not stupid. Sept 28, 2014 0:58:16 GMT
gobrewers: I think living in reality is the name of the game. Man alphabet soup, it's like i'm 12. Be back after making a grilled PB sandwich. Sept 28, 2014 4:00:46 GMT
privatecitizen: Anyone have any updates on the McStay case? Sept 28, 2014 10:46:03 GMT
trickofthetail: Mc Stay case?They should of Mc S T A Y E D H O M E!!!!!!! :D Sept 28, 2014 18:56:07 GMT
agatha: No update, but a hunch: follow the money. Sept 29, 2014 0:43:44 GMT
privatecitizen: Yeah, may not be the traditional follow the money route implications. May just have been a customer who bought a fountain. Sept 29, 2014 4:03:55 GMT *
gobrewers: Sept 29, 2014 13:25:28 GMT
gobrewers: I can't seem to view the copycat theory on the JJ site. Sept 29, 2014 19:33:27 GMT
cityofchill: Yeah, the copycat link hasn't worked for as long as I've been going to the site. Apparently the person who runs it has gone AWOL and the site is no longer maintained, at least what is there is still available for viewing, because I learned a lot from it. Sept 29, 2014 22:43:34 GMT
tongue: mcstay case is interesting and ive always thought the brother has acted very abnormal this entire time.. Sept 30, 2014 0:28:57 GMT
tongue: what about the foreign college girl that was acting bizarre in that elevator and later found naked in the water tank atop the motel building in LA?the same motel building that the night Stalker Richard ramirez stayed at during his reign of terror? Sept 30, 2014 0:31:23 GMT
pendleton: Tongue, that case was ruled an accidental drowning. Sept 30, 2014 12:20:43 GMT
tongue: wtf so she stripped herself naked and climbed into a water tank on top of the hotel for what reason??people dont find that suspicious?accidental drowning? Sept 30, 2014 20:14:19 GMT
pendleton: YOLO? Sept 30, 2014 21:43:46 GMT
trickofthetail: Salesian H.S? Sept 30, 2014 22:55:05 GMT
pendleton: Why was the GSK Poetry thread moved to the Mr. Y board and what's with the Mr. Y Board in general? I think I know but I also think it all needs an explanation. Oct 1, 2014 12:46:21 GMT
privatecitizen: It allows the thread to be more focused in content and stops the frequent complaints about how it should be moved to the Mr. Y board. Good idea to move it, imo. Oct 1, 2014 18:15:49 GMT *
pendleton: The GSK Poetry thread has been pretty "focused" for a while now. I'm not lamenting its loss but I still think the members on this board deserve the courtesy of an explanation. Oct 1, 2014 20:02:00 GMT *
privatecitizen: Those were just my thoughts on it being moved. Oct 1, 2014 21:15:56 GMT
gobrewers: Back in a JBR push, be back who know's when. Oct 2, 2014 2:26:56 GMT