The Cold Case Tsunami Is Building


cleopatra: Cheryl, just read your shout about rain. 2 days ago it poured. I stuck my hand out the window and pulled it back in with giant chunks of hail! Feb 16, 2019 23:30:03 GMT
cherylh: Cleo, that's so cool! It rained so hard here on Thursday that major streets were briefly flooded. But I didn't see any hail. What general area are you in? I'm in the Los Angeles region. Feb 17, 2019 3:07:12 GMT
cleopatra: Cheryl, San Francisco. And the hail that fell were giant rocks of ice, as big as ice cubes. Feb 18, 2019 4:11:34 GMT
cherylh: Cleo -- wow, that's crazy. We spend a lot of time in San Francisco, love it. Seen lots of rain there, never hail. I heard the weather's been crazy there lately. Feb 18, 2019 5:31:35 GMT
jenn: Looks like Channel 40 has caught on to this. Feb 19, 2019 3:46:55 GMT
jenn: Feb 19, 2019 3:47:14 GMT
f1guyus: If she doesn’t want to talk she can say she doesn’t remember. Who could legitimately argue forgetting stuff from 33-40 years ago. Feb 19, 2019 4:30:35 GMT
endoftheworld: Does she have Alzheimer's disease? If not, she remembers a lot about her husband. "I don't remember", while she might possibly get away with it, is not believable. More believable would be she did not know what he was doing every second of every minute. Feb 19, 2019 15:12:03 GMT
f1guyus: It’s a legal tactic. You can’t legally prove someone is lying when they say “I don’t remember”. Feb 19, 2019 16:39:34 GMT
magnumforce73: : f1, I reckon she remembers KEY fights. Her ex reminds me of the type-when in a rage--best described in the following way, "once seen, never forgotten." Feb 19, 2019 16:43:09 GMT
goldrusher: This board has been amping up a bit more lately. Nice. Feb 19, 2019 17:54:37 GMT
f1guyus: Doesn’t make any difference if she really remembers or not. If she says she didn’t you can’t prove she did unless there is current testimony to the contrary. It’s a legalism, not a truism. Feb 19, 2019 19:36:15 GMT
endoftheworld: OK, so she can legally lie and say "I don't recall"---the #1 most popular statement uttered by people when questioned by the US Congress. Why would she do this? If she admits she suspected her husband of being the EAR and did not report him, could be Feb 19, 2019 19:58:10 GMT
endoftheworld: charged as accessory or something? Feb 19, 2019 19:58:29 GMT
f1guyus: “Charged as an accessory?” By who? The DA calls her as a witness and charges their own witness as an accessory? There’s no profit here. Feb 19, 2019 21:36:51 GMT
f1guyus: Unless the DNA story is cover for Sharon or one of the daughters making that phone call after they saw the FBI presser I think she’s a footnote. Feb 19, 2019 21:39:47 GMT
cherylh: We don't know that Sharon Huddle is not cooperating with the prosecution. That information cannot be released. Feb 19, 2019 22:08:02 GMT
f1guyus: True Dat Feb 19, 2019 22:10:30 GMT
niktun: The wife of William Choyce found his ski mask and his daughter told her she saw him wearing it around the house. Yet she never suspected he was a serial rapist/killer. Feb 19, 2019 22:38:03 GMT
cherylh: As I get older, I am continually astonished by how hard people work to ignore weird things about people they are in close proximity to. Feb 19, 2019 23:45:54 GMT