Eva Davidson Taylor April 18, 1974


cluso: #nowhereman I was neighbor with Nadine in Thailand for 5 years 25 years ago in Phuket, we talked about it then (I was reading the book) i am still in touch with her. She still live in Thailand Apr 7, 2021 2:42:17 GMT
wayjay: Hi - New member here, so please forgive any confusion . I live on Montclair Place in San Ramon and just heard about the attack here (39) (Oct 1978). Does anyone know the house number ? Apr 10, 2021 14:47:46 GMT
slumbergirl: Wayjay - We have a thread where the San Ramon victim answers questions about this attack: earonsgsk.proboards.com/thread/1460/sunny39-question-answer-thread. I don't think the address is given, though. Apr 10, 2021 17:34:43 GMT
elir: I'm not sure if we discussed specific addresses for privacy reasons, but as you know, it is small cul de sac with perhaps six homes on it. Have you asked your neighbors or the local police force? Apr 10, 2021 18:01:45 GMT
wayjay: Thanks for that, yeah, the thread does not mention address even though the woman has very bravely identified herself. There are only 3 houses including mine that have backyards to the Power lines easement. nobody has been here that long. Apr 10, 2021 19:28:32 GMT
wayjay: Do you think it would be OK to PM Sunny Walther regarding the house number ? I really don't want to offend anyone, I'm just curious. Apr 10, 2021 19:30:11 GMT
elir: I doubt she is active on the board anymore,as most survivors have tried to move on with their lives. In that vein, please consider: what would you gain by learning the house number that Sunny might lose by having to think about that place again? Apr 11, 2021 3:07:18 GMT
elir: I am not trying to be harsh as your questions have been posed in a respectful manner but I think most people here do feel protective of the survivors. Apr 11, 2021 3:09:28 GMT
slumbergirl: Wayjay - I PM’d you. Elir is correct about Sunny no longer being active on this board. Apr 11, 2021 15:57:31 GMT
wayjay: elir: I think I understand. I would never have posed the question had I not seen Sunny's interaction here. Apr 12, 2021 0:39:34 GMT
f1guyus: Re: The Serpent. Good mystery story, but. Years ago my wife and I were in Orly Airport going to Italy. At the next check in station one of these bubblehead potential walked away without her carryon. Security was seconds away from shutting the terminal down Apr 12, 2021 2:32:39 GMT
f1guyus: My point? We spent 58,000 mostly young Americans trying to put a veneer of civilization on a third world pi$$hole. There are names of guys I knew on the Vietnam Memorial. They died trying to fix the unfixable. But Jenna Coleman is a fox. Apr 12, 2021 2:38:53 GMT
f1guyus: And the acting is great. Apr 12, 2021 2:39:21 GMT
f1guyus: FYI. Prime suspect in the disappearance of Kristin Smart, Paul Flores and his father arrested this AM. Apr 13, 2021 18:06:50 GMT
elir: Thanks F1 that is good to hear. Did they say what finally brought LE to arrest them? Apr 13, 2021 19:15:41 GMT
f1guyus: No. SLO Sheriff to hold presser at 2PM. Dad arrested as Accessory after the Fact. 32PC. Family property searched a while back. I’ve followed this case since its inception. Lotta kids from Stockton go there. Including some friends of ours children. Apr 13, 2021 19:33:39 GMT
f1guyus: www.ksby.com/live. Local TV with lots of coverage Apr 13, 2021 19:37:38 GMT
f1guyus: KSBY just reported Paul Flores booked into jail on a single murder charge. Apr 13, 2021 19:50:50 GMT
billthom56: Such great news in the Kristin Smart case. Nothing like waiting 25 years for answers. Apr 15, 2021 18:37:14 GMT
elir: Bill, I hope the next breakthrough we hear about will be an arrest for the colonial parkway killings. Apr 16, 2021 1:51:45 GMT