Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders


f1guyus: If JJD lasts until August the victims will get their chance. Sadly there’s no getting even. For all intents and purposes Joe got away with it. Prison is probably going to kill him a lot sooner that fishing and lawn care. Jul 8, 2020 22:27:20 GMT
wesley: Is anyone here from Nevada? Jul 9, 2020 10:51:26 GMT
goldrusher: I'm not, but I once got stranded in Lovelock, Nevada. :) Jul 9, 2020 11:31:26 GMT
magnumforce73: "It's easier to pull the trigger than to play guitar. Easier to destroy than to create."--El Mariachi; Acuna, Coahuila, MX 1995. Jul 9, 2020 13:10:38 GMT
goldrusher: There's a female cardinal at my bird feeder right now with only one eye. She seems healthy though. Flying and eating just fine. I do appreciate birds. Jul 9, 2020 15:59:51 GMT
elir: Cardinals were my mother's favorite bird. When I hear them doing their snapping call, I think of her. Jul 9, 2020 16:34:35 GMT
pod: Jul 9, 2020 16:49:25 GMT
magnumforce73: Stones releasing a two-disc Deluxe Edition of Their 1973 Classic, GOATS HEAD SOUP, in September--with outtakes. It's a Happy Thursday! :) Jul 10, 2020 0:48:52 GMT
magnumforce73: "A drink of Belladonna on a Toussaint night, hiding in a corner in New York City; Lookin' down a .44 in West Virginia...Commander's dancin' so free." - "Dancing With Mr. D.," Kingston, Autumn 72. Jul 10, 2020 1:00:38 GMT
goldrusher: :) Jul 10, 2020 1:03:31 GMT
goldrusher: - A little Paul Desmond for your evening. Jul 10, 2020 1:07:45 GMT
goldrusher: Have a good weekend all. Dang it's hot here. I'm ready for a Southern Tier 2 X IPA. Jul 10, 2020 19:54:15 GMT
murderinc: Jul 13, 2020 16:05:03 GMT
goletaguru: This was our second favorite bridge to smoke weed under in this episode, and the timeline fits to weed smoking Jul 14, 2020 4:32:26 GMT
goletaguru: I was a student at mountain view elementary close to all of this, and remember a classmate with the last name huddle, This might be the connection Jul 14, 2020 4:40:42 GMT
walter: Which bridge was your favorite? Jul 14, 2020 13:04:07 GMT
murderinc: the one you live under Jul 14, 2020 18:04:18 GMT
walter: personable as ever Jul 14, 2020 18:30:47 GMT
elir: Goletaguru there is a person named Huddle in LE in Goleta for several years, it appears he is now doing something with the Santa Barbara Sheriffs office. His dad was a cop in Santa Barbara in the 1970s . Jul 14, 2020 22:14:36 GMT
elir: Don’t know if they are related to the Huddle at your elementary school or if they are related to James and Sharon Huddle. You think if the Santa Barbara Huddles were were related to Sharon we would have known that by now, so probably a strange coincidence Jul 14, 2020 22:18:33 GMT